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You deserve the best care when it comes to your health, and that’s why Ranjan Sachdev, MD, FAAOS, MBA, CHC is here. He has over 30 years of experience as an orthopaedic surgeon. Get the care you deserve from our team.

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In addition to providing quality orthopedic care, Sachdev Orthopaedics offers several other services that can benefit patients.
orthobiologics-prp, bmac, a2m treatments


Orthobiologics-PRP, BMAC, A2M treatments. Sachdev Orthopaedics provides Cutting Edge Nonsurgical And Surgical Treatment Options For Arthritis, Tendonitis and many other orthopaedic conditions.

knee kinesiography is to the knee what the electrocardiogram is to the heart

Knee Pain - KneeKG

Knee Pain? Find the Root Cause of Your Pain. Sachdev Orthopaedics introduces a revolutionary knee assessment service called Knee Kinesiography. Knee Kinesiography Is To The Knee What The Electrocardiogram Is To The Heart.

sachdev orthopaedics specializes in the non-operative treatment of shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and wrist pain

Non-Operative Care

Sachdev Orthopaedics subscribes to the philosophy that not all conditions require surgical intervention. Our practice Specializes in the non-operative treatment of muscle, bones & joints of various parts of the body.

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At Sachdev Orthopaedics, we take the time to get to know each of our patients and tailor our care to their individual needs. You’ll always see the same physician, so you can build a relationship of trust and confidence. When it comes to your health, you deserve the best possible care. We accept most major insurance plans. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

at sachdev orthopaedics, we take the time to get to know each of our patients