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About Sachdev Orthopaedics

Back to the Basics

After dedicating much of his professional life to providing high quality, innovative orthopedic care both large groups setting and underserved under-served rural communities, Dr. Sachdev returned to the Lehigh Valley and established Sachdev Orthopaedics as an alternative for those patients seeking one-to-one orthopedic care. Having practiced in a large private orthopaedic group and as a hospital employee, he has seen first-hand how there is a true need for innovative and personalized patient care.

“It is most gratifying to have patients express how satisfied they are that their doctor really listened to them and that they did not feel rushed through their appointment”, continued Dr. Sachdev. “Unfortunately, in this day and age, this is becoming more of the exception than the norm and I am dedicated to doing my part to reverse this trend”. Dr. Sachdev strongly believes that best results are obtained when patients understand their Orthopaedic problems and options and actively participate in their care.