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Got Knee Pain?

Do you have knee pain? Would you like to know its cause? Has your knee pain been evaluated, but it persists? Do the symptoms limit your activities? Have other treatment plans not achieved the desired results?

A Knee Kinesiography exam with the KneeKG® system can put you back on track and living a life without pain.

When the knee fails to function well, painful symptoms are often experienced. Knee Kinesiography with the KneeKG system is a medical examination of the knee performed during movement when your knee is loaded.

Like what the electrocardiogram is to the heart, this test describes the functional ability of the knee by detecting its internal movement. It helps us understand the biomechanical dysfunction related to your pain and symptoms (e.g. instability, stiffness).

How is KneeKG® performed?

  • The patient walks on a conventional treadmill for approximately 5 minutes at a comfortable speed to warm up.
  • The clinician fixes the KneeKG components on the patient’s leg to follow the movement of the joint.
  • After a few calibration movements, the KneeKG system will then record two 45-second walking trials to capture the movement of the joint through several walking cycles.
  • Following the walking period, the KneeKG system analyzes the perceived data objectively and provides clinicians with reliable data regarding the function of the knee.


How can Knee Kinesiography help my knee pain?

After your knee exam, our staff will analyze and explain the results, educating you about the causes of your knee pain and teaching you targeted correctives that are recommended based on the KneeKG App+™ advanced AI.

Knee injuries continue to get worse if left alone. Without proper treatment or guidance, you could end up permanently causing damage. Don’t ignore the signals your body tells you.

KneeKG Cost

Most insurances cover the cost of Knee KG. However, some insurance plan coverages with restrictive payment policies may not cover the test.

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