Easton is a city in Pennsylvania that is split up into four sections which include: Historic Downtown, The West Ward, The South Side, and College Hill. It is a beautiful city that was originally referred to as ?Lechauwitank?, or ?The Place at the Forks? by the Lenape Native Americans because it is the meeting point of the Delaware River and the Lehigh River.

Easton was once a transportation hub for the steel industry back in the 19th century because of the canals and railroads. Now it is most notably known for its canal boats, beautiful architecture, and special attractions including the Crayola Factory, State Theatre Center for the Performing Arts, and the Karl Stirner Arts Trail.

The city itself is split up into four major sections that include, Historic Downtown, The West Ward, The South Side, & College Hill. Outside of Easton lie the towns of Forks, Palmer, & Williams, and the boroughs Glendon, West Easton and Wilson. At Sachdev Orthopedics we are proud to serve all neighborhoods of Easton.

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