How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help Knees

It?s a problem that most people experience as they age: knee problems. Our bodies are not exempt from the rule that overuse can lead to wear and tear. Unfortunately, knees are typically the first joints to experience this problem and can cause people excruciating pain and trouble. Running, walking, or even putting weight on your knee can start to become a difficult task. Before you jump to the conclusion that you?ll need surgery, there are less invasive and severe alternatives.

Since the advancement of medicine and technology, researchers and doctors have found a new way to help with knee problems: stem cell knee injections. Using your own cells that are regenerated in your body, stem cell injections are used to help your knees by improving their functionality and decreasing pain and difficulties. The cells work to repair your joint damage from certain conditions such as arthritis or injuries, giving you a chance to have your knee repaired without going under the knife.

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Our own body can cure itself in so many ways, which is why Sachdev Orthopaedics has chosen to be a provider of stem cell knee injections. Utilizing the power of the human body means taking the cells produced by your bone marrow, blood, or tissue, and injecting it into the areas that need the regenerative power of the cell. They work by repairing and re-growing new, healthy tissue in the area that has been damaged, which means you?ll get a second chance at having a better knee.

If you?re fed up with your knee issues and are looking for a new treatment option (aside from knee replacement surgery), schedule an appointment with us today. We?re proud to offer this treatment and look forward to healing our patients using this modern form of medicine.