Our Team

Meet the team, nurse Tracie

Hi! I?m Nurse Tracie, I received my Nursing Degree from School of Nursing and Allied Health in Nassau, Bahamas where I lived for 14 years.? Moving back to the Lehigh Valley I have had the opportunity working at Sachdev Orthopaedics for many years and am loving the small family we have become. I provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients about various health conditions, provide advice and emotional support for our patients and their family members. I have been trained on the technology of providing Knee KG assessments, which is a diagnostic tool to help us treat many knee conditions.? I assist both Dr. Sachdev and Howard Young PA-C with procedures throughout the day. I am also the manager of our office. Here at Sachdev Orthopaedics we work as a team, we all pitch in where necessary to make this office run as smooth and efficient as possible. I look forward helping you.

Meet the team, nurse Katie

Hi! I am Nurse Katie, I started my career as an open- heart and critical care nurse in Pittsburgh PA where I grew up. I have always had a passion for both healthcare and being able to build relationships with those around me, which is why I chose nursing. I was then able to take time away from work to focus on raising and caring for my three boys. As they grew older and started their careers, I decided to come back to nursing so I could continue building these unique interpersonal relationships. It has been a pleasure to take this venture with Dr. Sachdev as he is undoubtedly caring, but also innovative and constantly searching for the newest and best techniques to care for his patients. I look forward to helping you with your orthopedic needs.

Meet the team, medical assistant Alyssa

Hi! I am Alyssa, Medical Assistant at Sachdev Orthopaedics, I have?worked with Dr. Sachdev for 2 years and?will always greet you with an upbeat personality and a smile. To me everyone is family. I am here to help you with any medical questions you may have.

Meet the team, x-ray technologist Linda

Hi! I am Linda, the x-ray technologist. ?I recently joined Dr. Sachdev?s team after 40+ years at Easton Hospital. I strive to produce consistent quality x-rays for Dr. Sachdev and Howard Young, PA-C. I also enjoy assisting with office and patient procedures. ?I feel blessed to have this opportunity to be a part of Sachdev?s team