Stem Cell Patient Testimonials

Elizabeth: Ankle Pain – Stem Cell Therapy Patient

Janet D: Knee Pain

Janet D had been enduring pain in her right knee for years and eventually had trouble walking. Treatments of cortisone injections were not working. After seeing her orthopedic doctor, Dr. Sachdev, Janet was told that she had bone on bone in her right knee. He explained that typically she would be a candidate for knee replacement. However, as a result of Janet?s polio condition as a child, her body suffered great muscle weakness. And therefore she was not a candidate for knee replacement.

Dr. Sachdev discussed the option of stem cell injections with Janet, although he told her he could not guarantee results because at the time the procedure was new. Janet said, ?The pain was so bad that I would have done anything.?

She finally scheduled the surgery, which took about an hour.? A three-step procedure took place involving Dr. Sachdev taking stem cells out of her iliac crest, centrifuging those cells to separate out the stem cells from other cells, and finally, he injected the stem cells into Janet?s right knee.

The procedure was simple and pain-free, and Janet felt no soreness from the surgery. She was advised to take it easy for several days afterward. About a week later, her knee started to feel better. And several weeks later, her pain was gone. Janet is happy with her results and her experience having stem cell surgery.? She feels like she has a new knee.

?I would do it all over again. My right knee is pain free. I feel like I can walk normally for the first time in a long time. Now, I just need to get the stem cell procedure in my left knee!?

Marie J: Rotator Cuff

Marie J, age 82, believes that years of golfing and doing the jitterbug resulted in a troubled rotator cuff on her right side.

In September of 2014, she began to see Dr. Sachdev for a series of Cortisone shots. ?Over a period of four months, Marie had three shots. Each shot became progressively less effective. ?Both Marie and Dr. Sachdev agreed surgery might be a viable option in the near future.

Marie continued to play 18 holes of golf a few days a week as well as perform her normal activities, but her pain worsened. She remembers thinking ?it?s been long enough.? She was ready to take the next step to surgery.

Marie had heard of stem cell surgery and agreed with Dr. Sachdev that her best route would be a combination of rotator cuff repair and stem cell surgery. She was amazed at the simplicity of the stem cell procedure and ease of her recovery.

?I had my procedure done at a surgical center.? I have no idea where Dr. Sachdev put the needle in my back ?there was not one sore area.?

A few of her friends at the YMCA and her son had rotator cuff surgery and prepared her for unbearable pain. Post-surgery, Marie?s physical therapist said her progress was way ahead of other people.

?The stem cell part has to be working, because I didn?t experience what they did. At my age, it can take a long time to heal. I am very active, which helps too.?

She is grateful to Dr. Sachdev and her physical therapist. ?I am at 85% full capacity with motion in the shoulder, and I have no pain. Even three weeks after the surgery, I could sleep on my right shoulder.?

Gail B: Rotator Cuff – Shoulder & Arm Pain

Gail B, a registered nurse in Kentucky, was experiencing chronic pain in her right shoulder for over four years. She was used to working through the pain, but when lifting patients and reaching for IV?s became especially difficult, she knew rotator surgery was inevitable.

Working in the same hospital as Dr. Sachdev, Gail had previous discussions with him about rotator cuff surgery. In September of 2014, she had an MRI that showed significant tears in her rotator cuff.

Knowing that the hospital was introducing stem cell treatment for orthopedic injuries, Dr. Sachdev encouraged Gail to wait until the treatment was in place.? ?I thought it was a good decision to wait because the stem cell treatment increases the chances of a successful surgery,? said Gail.

A month later, all was in place for Gail to move forward. In October of 2014, Dr. Sachdev performed both surgeries at the same time: rotator cuff repair and stem cell. Gail was the first patient at James B.? Haggin Memorial Hospital in Harrodsburg, Kentucky to receive the dual procedures in an orthopedic ?related surgery.

Gail was more than pleased with her post-surgery experience and attributes her speedy recovery to the added bonus of the stem cell procedure: ?I had significant pain after the surgery for 24 hours, but 72 hours later, I was not taking any meds.?

She had spoken to other people who have not had similar results with rotator cuff surgery without the stem cell injections. ?From what I heard [a speedy recovery] is not normal. The stem cell procedure enhanced my healing time.?

Gail was off from work for three months recuperating, and although she had some pain in her post-treatment at physical therapy sessions, she estimates that a year later she has 98% of full-range of motion in her right shoulder. And she has been pain-free for seven months.

Allan R: Right Knee Pain

Allan R, age 71, initially thought the pain in his right knee was from arthritis- it?was ?on and off? for the past few years. Eventually, he had an MRI which revealed that his right kneecap was pulling to one side due to tight hamstring muscles. In addition, there were signs of bone-on-bone wear from arthritis.

With this specific information, Allan proceeded to seek treatment.? Under Dr. Sachdev?s care, he began taking lubricant injections on occasion to relieve the pain. After a series of injections over a year, the pain evolved.?Allan describes the new feeling.

?I had a heavy pain that was more of a twisting issue. At that point it was getting worse and becoming tedious to take those shots. ?The next step was arthroscopic surgery in early June with Dr. Sachdev. The surgery went smoothly, but a decision had to be made about how to treat his knee afterwards. ?We spoke about options. I could have continued the lubricant injections or give the stem cell procedure a chance, so I went down that route.?

In early August 2015, Allan underwent the stem cell surgery, about two months after the knee surgery. Here he describes his experience six weeks after stem cell surgery: ?At this point it feels pretty good. The whole procedure was very uneventful. I am used to injections in my knee.?

Allan adds that a few weeks later he traveled for a business trip and had no complications. He has an exercise regime of stretching and walking to build up the muscles. ?And he is looking forward to when Dr. Sachdev gives Allan the green light to return to biking, his favorite pastime.

? We discussed a procedure called BMAC whereby stem cells would be?removed from one part of my body and injected into the surgical site?to help promote a faster, better recovery. I had no pain after the initial?surgery period and still have no pain today. ?

G. M. – One month after rotator cuff repair.

? Dr. Sachdev discussed the potential healing benefits of the BMAC ?procedure during our pre-surgery consultation. I have been virtually pain free during my recovery. I am amazed how quickly I have healed and actually started my physical therapy three weeks ahead of schedule. ?

E. B. – Six weeks after rotator cuff repair.